Port Community System (PCS)

PCS platform supports electronic interaction between port operators and authorities. It also supports one-time transmission for all reporting formalities required when ships dock at the country's ports. The system automates workflows and directs this information to the corresponding bodies to ensure compliance with operating and legal requirements.

System implementation was launched in 2016 to ensure that Cyprus complied with the European Union Directive 2010/65/EU, that requires all member states of the EU to count with systems that support electronic completion, submission, sharing and receipt of information on ships arriving in/departing from ports.

In addition to guaranteeing port operations, the Port Community System which Indra has supplied the Cyprus Port Authority (CPA) may be integrated with other systems, like billing, and with the entire port community associated with the port business, like customs, safety authorities, shipping companies, terminals, etc. This way, it facilitates communication of the cargo manifest and the granting of required authorizations in the goods import process, and becomes a tool for joint efficiency, given that it contributes to speeding up management of stopovers, anticipating the movement of goods and the transit of passengers. All of this impacts improved capacity and competitiveness of the port logistics network.

The solution includes a specific module for each terminal's operations management (Multi-Purpose Operation System-MPOS) used for planning and registering the terminal's cargo-related operations -whether of containers, vehicles or general goods- and includes billing of all movements as of when loading and unloading of ships begins; management of storage spaces at parks; and the control of entry and exit of goods at the terminal.

In addition to contributing greater control and supervision of goods, another of the system's advantages is that it assures a 100% paperless port, increasing both speed and transparency of port operations for all stakeholders. Likewise, users have multichannel access with a 24x7 availability.